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Started by Dale Tanski, September 20, 2023, 10:02:11 AM

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Dale Tanski

I am considering upgrading my primary winches.  I had them rechromed way back when but they are beginning to show their age once again. I am planning to stick with non powered. We see way to much damage from powered equipment.  I would appreciate your feedback on the subject...

1) What size and make does your boat currently have?
2) Are you happy with them?
3) If you were to upgrade what size would you consider purchasing?
4) What manufacture would you go with?

While we are at it how about your mainsheet winch?  Same questions.

Thanks in advance.
Pearson 365 Cutter Ketch
1976 Hull #40
Buffalo, N.Y.


Hi Dale,

I upgraded my primary and main sheet winches this past spring. I bought them from West Marine during their Lewmar bogo sale. For the primary I bought the Ocean #48 Self-tailing winch. They fit perfect in the same location as the originals and offer plenty of power to crank in the jib. I'm quite happy with them. I also replaced my main sheet winch with an Ocean #30 and am happy with that one as well.
S/V Ishtar
Ketch, Hull 308