Author Topic: 141 Casts off!! S/V Encantado  (Read 68 times)


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141 Casts off!! S/V Encantado
« on: January 08, 2021, 12:11:33 PM »
Well, things have been moving.

First of all, it's my pleasure to officially introduce to this forum to Sailing Vessel Encantado, hailing from Hanging Lake, CO. She is a 1977 Pearson 365, Hull 141, Ketch rigged. Encantado is spanish for Charmed, but the name of our boat is sourced from Brazilian mythology surrounding the Amazon River Dolphin, trickster shape-shifters.

I'll come back around to the inevitable boat work, but I really wanted to let folks know that I have untied the lines. We left Loggerhead Marina for the last time just before 8. We went out Port Everglades, and flew the genoa up to Lake Worth. No wind, but I still needed to complete the sea trial of the autopilot, so I was good with this. I did not expect as much flapping of the sail (I didn't really believe 0 kts of wind), and furled it instead of risking damage. A loud journey, but the carbon monoxide detector didn't go off (there were some mild concerns), and the cats got used to it within about a day and a half. We motored 48.8 nm to Lake Worth, and spent the night in a marina (there were some issues with the windlass that caused us some concern with trying to anchor overnight). We got up the next morning, head back out to the open ocean, and tried our hand at flying jib and jigger with 10kts off our starboard quarter. Took a little bit of experimentation, but I think I got the feel as to how the boat balanced with this sail plan. We got a touch of a late start, so we turned on the motor. I noticed a fuel leak from one of the injectors, so I turned off the engine, and fixed it while still making about 9kts SOG (that gulfstream is no joke!!). Felt like kind of a bad ass. 49.2nm, and we pulled into the Fort Pierce inlet. After this, it was all ICW. The plan was to head north until we found an anchorage to try, with a bailout plan. Well, we thought we found a place that would work, but it looked a bit shallow to me. We still wanted to try it, so very slowly moved towards what we heard was a cut. It got shallower, so at this point we were idling forward, and I was just about to put her in reverse, when all of a sudden I became that kind of sailor. I had some appreciation of the weight of this boat, because even full throttle in reverse didn't release us. So we stopped, and tried to figure out a way out of it. Only way I knew was to raise a sail to tilt us. The boss wasn't certain we could control where we went with the sail up, and it wasn't really wide. I wasn't that concerned with the wind direction, and while it took about 10 minutes to convince her to try, as soon as we did, we were back in the channel before the genoa was halfway unfurled. Felt pretty good. But we decided to utilize our bailout plan (it was getting dark), and head south a bit to a marina. We snuck into a very tight slip for the night. We wound up covering 20.9 nm that day. The next morning was a 34.7 nm motor further up the ICW to the marina we are currently at. A bad wind cropped up as I was backing into our slip, so we pulled in bow first. With the positioning of the pedestal on the finger of this giant slip (our boat neighbors for the first couple of weeks had a 53' Gulfstar Ketch, and they still had 15' on the front and back of the boat), we have the coolest freaking view from our cockpit, and I have seen dolphins every day we've been here. Super awesome.

Now, the damage. As some of you know, this boat has been sitting in a marina for a couple of years. It turns out that the motion of sailing or motoring was enough that a pretty significant chunk of rust on the water heater gave out, totally messing up our freshwater system. Not a huge deal, since we turn off the water pump when under way, but it was a pain. I pulled out the tank, and with the access created, I immediately started reworking the wiring. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to replace the board the water tank sat on, but I have removed it, and am giving it a chance to dry out. I'm also adding another filter into the pressurized water system. This would be inconvenient, but the water at this marina is really nasty well water, with large amount of salt and sulfur (even going through 4 filters!!), so we've got gallons of water we use for drinking and the like. We're here until the 15th, and hopefully by then I'll be done with the electrical rework and installation of the water heater, and we just need to fill up our water tanks, and start making our way South again, but anchoring. Not sure what our plan is beyond that, and I'm totally fine with it. Otherwise, we might go to a different marina to finish the work. Our first boat neighbors (the ones with 53' Gulfstar) were a Canadian couple who have been together for a year, but each has been independently sailing for the last 20 years. Very knowledgeable, and he gave me a lot of good advice. One of which is that he introduced me to Kano Aerokroil. Amazing product. It completely freed up one side of the whisker pole that heat and PB blaster couldn't break through. The next guy who is currently in that slip is a Spanish solo sailor with a Panda 38, and he had a tough go coming from Texas this year, including all electronics failing for 3 weeks, hand steering, etc. He's super big on redundancy, so quite helpful to talk to. If he thinks my plan is overkill, it probably is. :)


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Re: 141 Casts off!! S/V Encantado
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2021, 05:05:00 PM »
So are you close to Fort Pierce?  Kinda confused.  If so, let us know and we'll come by to say hello.
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