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Our Pearson Pilothouse 36 aka Toothpick

Started by FBNOODLEMAN, November 09, 2020, 10:54:08 AM

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Greetings from Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, Mx. to be specific. We have been trying to sell our  Pearson for a year or so now, and because of my health, its time to pass it along to a Pearson family who knows the boat, and loves to keep up the Pearson tradition. I have kept up on Toothpick, 5 year old sails, running a Westerbek 50, which is my pride and joy, and runs great. We have added many extras to the vessel, small gen set, watermaker, ham radio, etc. all working with a few needed things, like a membrane for the Spectra watermaker. I would love to show you Pearson family friends more photos and information. I am very interested in getting the done, it breaks my heart to do this, 30K is what I am asking. jim Nordstrom at: