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Bowsprit off
« on: November 10, 2019, 06:35:53 PM »
Got the bowsprit off.  What a job!  Total of 14 bolts.  Skinnying up inside the chain locker to remove the nuts & washers was not easy but we got them all off.  Pearson must've had a child on staff to get up in there...

Bowsprit was bedded in silicone so prying it loose took some jimmying and heat application to finally break it loose.  No rot found so all that needs to be done is stripping 40 years of varnish & Cetol off and it'll be ready for refinishing.  Will be using Awlwood. Have heard good reports about it's durability.

Aluminum fitting at the end of the bowsprit for the anchor chain rollers was removed. Since it is pretty ratty will have Schaefer duplicate it in stainless.  Headstay chain plate is off as well and looks good but will have it professionally inspected for soundness.  Cheers!
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