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Security Precautions
« on: December 16, 2016, 10:20:16 PM »

Avoid including  personal information (email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, etc...) in the forum posts because web bots harvest that information and sell it to spammers/virus disseminators.

Instead of posting that information, use Private Messages (PMs) to pass personal information between members.

Once your email address gets on spam lists, you'll be inundated with junk mail and messages with virus payloads. At that point, there is nothing you can do to get removed from the lists.

To send a PM, just click on a person's username, click on Send PM in the Summary section on the left and a new message window will open.  the To: field will already be populates, although it appears blank. The recipients are listed below the To: field.

Add Subject and Body messages, then send  it. The recipient will receive a notification in their email address that they entered when they registered and a "new message" flag will appear when they log into the form.