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Toasted Topic
« on: September 27, 2016, 10:34:07 PM »

your post regarding inner forestay installation got damaged in the database. I don't know how/why. Anyway, it's gone.

I was able to salvage the body of the post, but cannot recreate it. You should be able to recreate it by logging on, make a new topic, and paste your original message in, then submit.

SV Deo Volente,
your reply to his original post also is gone.

Below are the bodies of your two posts.

If anyone notices topics not appearing of you click on a topic to open and the page is just blank, please let me know.

Original Subject: Has Anybody Rigged an Inner Forestay for a Stormjib?


Took Tropicbird out in 20 knot breeze yesterday and she did well with the genny rolled up to a jib and the main reefed. I was conservative because the admiral asked me to make it a "calm" outing. Hard on the wind she would swing through the usual 100 degree tacking angle and manage 4-5 knots to windward in almost flat seas. Off the wind and reaching she hit 7.4kts. Really a "calm" and well mannered ship. I think some gusts were higher-25+ and then she wanted to round up. That got me wondering about a storm jib. There is a hound just below the masthead, but no deck fitting for detachable inner stay (some call a Solent). Has anyone successfully rigged an inner stay?  I have a massive ABI highfeild lever so all I would need is the deck attachment point.  Riggers say no running backstays are required if the masthound is mounted within a foot or so of the masthead. 

What have others done to address the need for a storm jib?

Deo Volente:

I added a removable solent stay about a foot below the headstay and it attaches to a fitting I had made that mounts just behind the anchor sprit. I don't have any close-ups of the details though.

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