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Cruising on the Gulf Coast

Started by Jim S, April 21, 2016, 07:33:49 PM

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Jim S

Is anyone planning to cruise on the Gulf Coast this year?  We are leaving the Galveston area for a week or so starting early in May.  The flooding is certainly going to affect our cruising plans.  We will go out again in the Fall, probably later September into October.
Jim S


Did you do your gulf crossing last year?
My son picked up a 365 Ketch in Tampa just before Irma went through in mid Sept 2017.  There was some damage to a solar panel- otherwise the boat survived very well. We headed out three days after that heading to Corpus Christi. It was a pretty quiet ride with easterly winds. We had to motor about 130 miles of the trip due to near calm winds.

Jim S

Dean, yes we did get out this year but it was for cruising the ICW.  Glad to see you survived Irma and made a safe crossing to Corpus, great place to have a boat.
Jim S