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How to Post a Photo
« on: December 27, 2006, 12:32:01 AM »
I flat out stole this tutorial on how to post a photo from Renegade Cruisers

1) go to photobucket, sony image station or any another site (see below for a note about shutterfly), that will upload the pics from your personal computer into an online album ? your picture needs to have an internet / online link    


2) my example goes on with photobucket, because I use that one, but the principle is the same

3) so, you go to photobucket and open an account there (name + password)

4) it's obvious there, how to upload pics from your computer to that account (or it's called your album) ? browse, select and upload

5) ok, that's done, your pics are on the internet ?

6) now we're going to post them ?

7) First: go to your photobucket (or other) account and look for the pic you want to post ?

8) It looks like this (note this is a screen capture on a mac, it may look slightly different on your computer)

9) Then you click the little square under the pic you chose and on that IMG link (that turns blue) .

10) While blue, you push control C (computer saves it then)

11) Then you go to the site, where you want to post that pic and you open the place to post a pic

12) When you're there, you just click control V and the computer copy/pastes that former clicked link  ...

(yes, i love my control C / V ... copy whatever file from whatever place to any other) ...                                              

That should be all in simple English, just like others talked me through it, when we were in the chatroom once ?

UPDATE: Shutterfly picture site

Please take note that shutterfly images will not work on this forum. Nor will any other images which do not contain the proper .jpg extension. If you would like to post photos, please use a photo hosting site which hosts photos using the proper extensions. Even better would be that almost everyones ISP provides some web space for them to use, this is a great place for you to store your photos for posting on the board.[/quote]
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