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I have seen a few of those in my days but have never figured out who made those suckers.  The dead give away is the compression turnbuckle in the center.  For what reason Im not sure but they will hold up the moon.

I happen to be a Tohatsu dealer and you are correct that injected 2 strokes do meet the 2006 USA environmental standards, however I do not believe anyone makes a two stroke injected motor below a 50 hp.  You may also be interest in the fact that Tohatsu makes Mercury’s from 20hp down, Evenrude form 30hp down and many of the Hondas.  Tohatsu is the largest manufacture of outboards in the world. 

You wouldn't know it this years as we cannot get our hands on outboards period and Merc and Yamaha dealers cannot as well.  Even parts are drying up as well. 

And now you know....

Pearson General Non-Mechanical System Maintenance and Repair / Re: Dinghy options?
« Last post by ZULU40 on April 12, 2021, 09:13:09 PM »
Hmm I didnt realise that was going on
I just went to Yamaha Australia's page and no 2 strokes
then I see Tohatsu are selling them so I looked deeper
apparently :

''Passed on July 1, 2018, the new Outboard Emissions Law for small petrol engines of up to 19kW power (including all marine engines) sets new emission standards that render high-emission and carburettor-based two-stroke outboard engines non-compliant. ''

further, they say theyre not banned and that direct injection models still have a place in the market
of course injection is worthwhile, but it is far from the simplicity I crave ...

its an interesting world
Pearson General Non-Mechanical System Maintenance and Repair / Re: Pearson365 ports
« Last post by Jim S on April 12, 2021, 04:29:35 PM »
Similar but not the same.  NFM uses turn dogs to compress the gasket.
Jim S, I'm not sure what metal is used on my port - it's not what I would expect to be bronze color, if that's definitive. Since the gasket  is on the lens  would it help if I took a closer pic of just the lens.
Thanks tom
PS I'll look again at the newfound metal site to see if I can find a match
Pearson General Non-Mechanical System Maintenance and Repair / Re: Pearson365 ports
« Last post by Jim S on April 12, 2021, 01:59:02 PM »
It is not like my bronze New Found Metal 5x12 ports, but the gasket in on the lens.
I've attached a photo of my Pearson 365 port. Hope that helps.
Thanks all.
Pearson General Non-Mechanical System Maintenance and Repair / Re: Pearson365 ports
« Last post by Jim S on April 12, 2021, 12:57:18 PM »
A photo of the port would help.
Dale, Thank you I'll check out New Found Metal ports. My chat with Beckson supports your info.
tom O'Shea
Years back "stack packs" or whatever the marketing name depending on brand were a hot item.  Today not so much.  I suspect price has a lot to do with it as correctly done they are around $2k.  They are indeed nice as they create a "catcher" for the sail as it is lowered.  You simple drop the main and zip it shut.  You have full battens so the sail will remain relatively neat as it is dropped.  Where we see issues is when someone wants a Dutchman system and the StackPak.  Too much stuff going on and the zip up mechanism becomes an issue. 

You mentioned that you have lazy jacks.  Those provide a similar "catching" system and doesn't detract visually as a StakPak, if it isn't white, typically does not look that good.  There are plenty of positives but I will mention one last negative.  Up north at the end of the season, we take everything off for the winter season.  Removing a StakPak is a two person at best requirement for a 365.  They have full length battens sewn into them and the whole lot (sail and canvas) has to be removed all at once.  They are both heavy and awkward to move and store.

Best of luck...


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