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As many of your know the site was down for way too long and it was only due to the help of Craig Brenizer (Member P69) that the site is back up and running.  He has agreed to also be a volunteer admin to help keep the site from crashing again. I couldn't figure it out...and the internet host wasn't helping.  So Craig did the dirty work of figuring out what was wrong and made the fix.

Special thanks to Craig!

Outfitting an older boat is expensie so I have a standing Spacial for Pearson owners who are members of the Pearson 365 Yacht Club.  I will pass along our Dealer Discount for the product lines I carry:

Cruise RO Water Water Makers
CoolBlue Ice Box Conversion Units by Technautics
High Output alternators (80A to 160A)
Sterling Power Products: Battery Chargers, Smart Regulators, etc

You can check everything out on our website at:



Pearson 365/367 Yacht Club / COPPA Email Scam Email
« on: December 27, 2011, 09:57:15 AM »
Sea Dragon forwarded me this email and I'm glad he did so I can say that this is a SCAM!  So if any of you get this email: delete it, ignore it, and also ignore any other type of emails from the Pearson365 site asking for any type of information!

Sorry about this folks!

Take care


Welcome to The Pearson Yacht Club forums
> In compliance with the COPPA your account is currently inactive.
> Please print this message out and have your parent or guardian sign and
> date it. Then fax it to:
> OR mail it to:
> ------------------------------ CUT HERE ------------------------------
> Permission to participate at "The Pearson Yacht Club" -
> Username: Hope_365
> Password: 1980Hope
> E-mail:
> "The Pearson Yacht Club" AT ANY TIME.
> Parent or guardian
> (print your name here): _____________________
> (sign here): __________________
> Date: _______________
> ------------------------------ CUT HERE ------------------------------
> Once the administrator has received the above form via fax or regular mail
> your account will be activated.
> Please do not forget your password as it has been encrypted in our database
> and we cannot retrieve it for you. However, should you forget your password
> you can request a new one which will be activated in the same way as this
> account.
> Thank you for registering.
> --
> The Pearson Yacht Club
> Site Admin

Forum Support / How To Sign up and Register
« on: April 26, 2011, 10:14:27 PM »
As a way to keep the viagra spammers out, if you are interested in joining the Pearson 365 Yacht Club, send me an email at along with what Username you want me to use and I will create you an account and email you your password.  Once logged in, you can change your password to what ever you want.

Sorry for the head ache...but this will keep the board free from Spam


Site Admin

So here I am updating the "For Sale" notices I have posted around on the various sailing and cruising websites and a thought hit me: Why not rent THIRD DAY rather than sell her? Oh I know…there are boat insurance issues with renting and I’ve already called my insurance company to have them give me a price quote (and they didn’t laugh me off the phone).

The questions then become:

Is there someone out there that would want to rent a fully outfitted cruising boat for a month or for the summer in the Sea of Cortez during the prime cruising season?

Is there someone out there looking for a summer vacation of their lives?

Is there someone out there that wants to try out the “cruising lifestyle” without having to buy and ready a boat?

My gut tells me that there is and that I could be better off financially in renting THIRD DAY rather than selling her. [Important note: this is my gut talking here and it has not been calibrated by the all so important Admiral yet]

This type of thinking outside the box either makes you a genius if it works out or gets you committed to a nut house and since many of our friends are checking into vacancies at many of the leading mental health facilities for me after our bigger boat buy, why not give them the evidence to go all the way!

So if you are interested, shoot me an email at, let’s talk!

General Photos / Mizzen Staysail Photo
« on: March 13, 2010, 09:26:51 PM »

Online Marine Equipment Vendors / Island Planet Sails
« on: February 20, 2010, 09:09:38 PM »
While out here cruising, we met the owner of Island Planet Sails, Dave.  In addition to being a great guy, he really knows his stuff about sails, and can make some great sails (for racing or Cruising) at some of the best prices I've seen.

Any Pearson owner out there looking for some new sails, it would be well worth your time to vist Dave's website and have him give you a quote.

Pearson 365/367 Yacht Club / Chance to Win: A Cruisers Christmas DVD
« on: December 05, 2009, 10:53:18 PM »
In celebration of me finally getting a short DVD trailer up on youtube for our new DVD, A Cruisers Christmas, it's time to give away a DVD.  The trailer can be viewed at the below link.

YouTube Video Trailer

A hot off the press copy of A Cruisers Christmas will be mailed out to the first person who can answer the following two part trivia question:

1. What is the Specific Derivtion of the name THIRD DAY?
2. What are two alternate meanings for the name?

Ok you cheap boaters, you may not pony up $23 for the DVD (with free shipping) but at least click on a few of our websites Google Ads will ya....sheesh...what's a guy gotta do to fund his cruise these days? :wink:


Pearson 365/367 Yacht Club / New Cruising DVD: A Cruisers Christmas
« on: November 05, 2009, 03:49:42 PM »

It's been quite a long time in the making, but our first DVD Production is now ready for sale, having just received word from the publisher that the completed DVD have been mailed this morning. 

A Cruisers Christmas is a compilation of the best sunrise, sunset and anchorage video and photos taken during our last year of cruising Mexico and set to classic Christmas music instrumentals.  This isn’t a fast pace action thriller, however, if you would like to pop in a 50 minute DVD during the holiday season and listen to relaxing Christmas music while images of what the cruising lifestyle is all about fill your big screen T.V., then A Cruisers Christmas is for you. 

The cost including USPS standard shipping is $23, with the proceeds going to help the crew of THIRD DAY keep their cruising kitty in the black.  Ordering is simple, by making a $23 payment to the following PayPal account:

Fair winds and Flowing Seas.

Pearson 365/367 Yacht Club / 365 Days of Living the Cruising Dream
« on: September 28, 2009, 05:41:01 PM »
365 Days ago we cast off on our current cruise here's a few image of that day!

What a ride!

General Photos / THIRD DAY's Trip on a Party Barge
« on: September 23, 2009, 01:46:15 PM »
Well they say, "When in Mexico", so we took a trip on a huge party barge that docks on the same marina finger as THIRD DAY.  We befrinded some of the crew, so they invited us aboard.  It was an interesting experience to say the least...and we had a great time.

General Photos / New Fuel Fills, Racor Filter, and tank Photos
« on: July 08, 2008, 02:57:50 PM »
The Next two photos are of my new Diesel deck fills.  When I replaced my rusted out original fuel tank, I put in two 23gals and decided to keep the two tanks seperate.  I have always Hated the location of the diesel fill...every tried filling the tank from a jerry can in rought seas?  So I moved them to the cockpit, as seen below.

Now....ignore the temporary electrical wires and unfinished Watermaker/Generator installation but this is my new Racor filter and manafold to select between the port and starboard fuel tank.

Here are a few photos of the new tanks (pay no attention to the lose piece of wook block in the photo or the loose stuff everywhere....everythings a work in progress while getting ready to go Cruising!)  You can see the seperate fuel fills for both tanks.

The pump you see is the raw water pump for my water maker...more on that later!  You can also see how the original fuel tank boards had to be trimmed to allow for installation of the new tanks.

The vent line for the two tanks was tied together.  Each tank has a seperate return and lift tube.

This is somewhat of a messy photo, but you guys know how it can start to look when you cut all the zip-ties and support starps lose!  You can see the original cut off fuel fill hose, the new (yet to be wrapped) exhaust pipe, and some other messy stuff, just begging to be organized!

Pearson 365/367 Yacht Club / 199 Members!
« on: July 01, 2008, 08:12:05 PM »
Well we are just one new Pearson 365/367 owner away from 200!

Thanks guys for making this a great site to get information about our beloved boats!


Pearson 365/367 Yacht Club / Bimini on a P365 Ketch
« on: June 24, 2008, 11:03:23 PM »
Hoty from Wayward Angel sent me these Photos of his Bimini cockpit cover.

Special Thanks to Hoyt out on a Cruising Adventure for sending in these photos....if you have a Bimini on your ketch...posts some photos to help us Bimini Dreamers get ideas!

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