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Pearson 365/367 Yacht Club / Northern Gulf Coast Roll Call
« on: July 09, 2020, 09:03:24 PM »
I don't visit this site nearly enough but see several boats hailing from the Northern Gulf.  I keep 364 Salty Dog on Perdido Bay. Who is nearby?

After 364 took a lightning hit I replaced the alternator with an electromaxx 140A , a serpentine pulley kit and charge controller. All up the parts cost $1409. I also installed a walker air sep on the intake which is supposed to minimize the oil leak in the rear seal because it creates a vacuum within the oil  breather return system. The other benefit is the engine runs quieter. I also replaced the rear seal.    Unfortunately I was sidelined last summer due to a couple of shoulder surgeries and did not get to use the boat much. In the 15 hours of run time since I have had not leak. Knock on wood.

Chandlery / 2 free hatches
« on: February 14, 2020, 09:13:06 AM »
I have 2 rebuildable hatches available to anyone willing to pay for shipping. 

Pearson 365/367 Mechanic Shop / Re: Rear Oil Seal Replacement
« on: August 19, 2019, 09:36:29 PM »
It is very possible that your front seal is leaking. I went through the whole process including adding a walker airsep to the intake to create some negative pressure and still have a very small leak.  I had rotator cuff surgery at the beginning of the summer so I have not been able to get in the engine room to trace it but my guess is the front seal.  The positive is that it is nothing like it used to be and easy  to deal with.  Like one oil absorption pad for the season.

Absolutely. We ended up installing it at 8.25 but the bronze tiller arm I bought is capable of going all the way to thirteen. Not that would want to but I can always move the system out if necessary. We actually mounted to the cockpit floor so it goes fore and aft.  You have provided some excellent information. Thank you.

I think the displacement is 17,700. Fully tanked up it jump to 19,250. Add gear and I would guess 21,000 but that would be loaded to the max at the start of a long cruise. The vast majority of time I would be less than 20,000 lbs.
Can you still turn her within her length?

Just curious, how has reducing the stop angle affected boat handling in tight spaces? I am thinking of going 8" on the tiller arm as a compromise. I figure loaded my boat would be about 20,000 lbs. 

Nereid, I am still sorting things out but I think I have the needed clearence using the square part of the post above the quadrant. I would love to see your pictures. Also how did you isolate the aluminum arm from the stainless post?

The NFM stainless portlights are the bomb. I love mine and they look great. They have a premium classic look that is unmatched.

I am in the process of having one installed. If you have not actually having the tiller arm fabricated you may be able to save some money buying one from Edson. It is an off the shelf item. I am following Garners process.

Extremely helpful. Thank you!

Does anyone have any insights to installing a raymarine linear drive autopilot? I understand Garner had a great writeup on his old website but it appears it has been closed.

Chandlery / Mizzen and mizzen staysail.
« on: September 23, 2018, 12:17:53 PM »
I have converted my ketch to a sloop and have the mizzen mast, standing rigging, mizzen staysail, and available. The staysail appears to never have been used but I cannot verify that as it came with the boat when I bought it.

Pearson 365/367 Mechanic Shop / Re: Paragon SAOD what not to do.
« on: August 12, 2018, 04:06:43 PM »
Henri, keep us posted on the cost if the velvet drive conversion.

Pearson 365/367 Mechanic Shop / Re: Lightning strike
« on: June 11, 2018, 08:10:39 PM »
Thanks as always. Those were my thoughts as well. On one hand there was obviously a strike on the other I am baffled not to see more physical damage but I think a haulout is in order. The only visible damage was the VHF antenna was blown apart and dead electronics. I am baffled that the plastic tip on the antenna shows no sign of burn and the halyards are not burnt. Everything was or I believe was grounded but I think it really smart to check the cable to make sure it has not lost integrity. There was one hell of a storm last Sunday and I now of at least 6 boats that were hit. My brother saw three himself.

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