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Lost my Shaft (Almost)!

Started by jpendoley, October 15, 2019, 09:55:06 AM

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Had a scary experience this weekend and thought I would share as a warning to others with a V-drive-which I  believe is all of us.  Noticed a thumping under the galley floor while motoring upriver this weekend. Opened the engine bay door and found a bolt to the flange attaching the vdrive to the velvet drive on the floor beneath the tranny.  Another bolt was almost detached. Drive was about to disengage or shear the remaining bolts.  Has this happened to others? What prentative action have others taaken? I am thinking of drilling and wiring the bolts in place. Can't imagine the damage that could have been done had I not caught it in time.

Dale Tanski

Good catch!  I tie wired all of my fasteners on the drive line when I redid it.  Also I have never been a fan of lock washers.  NYLOK nuts are much better than lock washers or use some blue locktite. 
Pearson 365 Cutter Ketch
1976 Hull #40
Buffalo, N.Y.

Jim S

Walther uses special bolts to fix the propeller shaft to the v-drive.  They are very slightly oversize and have a "Lok Tite" type of compound on them.  You won't lose your shaft with the bolts coming out/or shearing off at the transmission or the v-drive.  The propeller will keep the shaft in the boat, but it is very unsettling!
Jim S


Good to know-thank you!  Engine is coming out for a go over (will inspect tank as well) and I will address the bolts upon reinstall.

Black Jack #81

I did lost mine a couple of years ago while under sail, I know now to put the prop in gear and not let it turn while sailing.
The prop and the shaft went all the way against the ruder and I didn't lost it.
Francis Fauquenot