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Lucas CAV fuel pump service manuals

Started by S/V Legacy, February 02, 2022, 12:36:18 PM

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S/V Legacy

  After I decided to do a complete reseal on the Lucas high pressure fuel pump on my Westerbeke 40, I went a crusade to find as much info as I could about the pump. I've heard that it shouldn't be attempted unless you really know what your doing. Well after a considerable research, I found that as long as you recorded 4 important settings on your pump and made sure those were correctly realigned, the pump should work. I was able to completely disassemble, clean, paint and reseal my fuel pump. I did not disassemble the pump pistons or the fuel flow rate settings. The only re-adjustment I had to make was after re-sealing the pump and installing on the exact timing spot that I marked on the block, I found that the timing was just a hair advanced (very light grey smoke and engine "ran" a bit louder). I adjusted the pump about 1/16-1/8" clockwise to retard it slightly. The smoke cleared completely and the engine runs smoother and a bit quieter. Really it runs better than it ever has. Now I also rebuilt the fuel injectors and reset the pressure release (this is much easier and cheaper to do than you would think).

Attached are a couple of documents I've found and used on the Lucas CAV pump. I'm hoping these will help someone else.

Scott May
1980- 365 Ketch #307
S/V Legacy