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Mainsheet Traveller

Started by CaptCG, August 16, 2012, 06:14:29 PM

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Hello All,
Looking to install a traveller on my P365 sloop.  Need some good ideas (and pics if possible) and cost numbers.  Harken is darn near $2k!
Carl, "Sea Hiker" #302

Bay Sailor

I have the same dilemma, since I know from bay racing that the traveler is hugely important in upwind sailing. My sloop, 1980 # 345 has a simple block attached along the center line just forward to the companionway. Simple and easy but not much help for being close hauled. I have seen photos where there is a block on each side of the cabin top that allows the boom to be hauled in to center line, but I cannot recall where.

Experience from the group will be appreciated.


S/V Seascape
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My ketch has port block, mid block and a starboard padeye... is that the arrangement on the sloop?



Sea Dragon is Cutter with the mast further aft than the sloop and included a traveller in the cockpit from the factory. I liked the control but not the location so early on (2003) I had it moved to the coach roof using Harken hardware. At the time the parts came in at just over $1,600 (see the BoM at the bottom of the attached web page), plus labor.

Note in the picture the track is slight bent to match the curve of the coach roof... This was done by Harken when the track was ordered at the recommendation of the Harken rep.

I have been very happy with the modification. Let me know if you have any questions.

Sea Dragon
1981 36 Cutter (367)


Yes, that's the configuration on my sloop. Does that work ok for you?


It works well within it's limitations, would like a track & traveler to gain some handling advantage... but for coasting up & down California, not as high on the priority list as next year's haul out & bottom paint, or updating electronics.

I like the idea of everything that I can do to create more speed, for any situation - yet it's all trumped by maximum hull speed & finite wallet depth.


Originally I was thinking of installing a traveller on the cabintop, but after looking at the "German Mainsheet System" I am reconsidering going with this. The 365 seems almost set up for this already, i.e. 2 padeyes for P/S blocks. 5 blocks on the boom (2 at forward end directing the lines to base of mast, 1 aftermost directly above the P/S blocks (forming a triangle) and 2 more slightly forward of that aftermost block in a staggered position so they don't contact each other.  These two blocks
direct the lines forward along the boom base. At bottom of mast are 2 blocks directing line to the P/S line organizers. The line then goes to the cabintop winches P/S near the companionway area.  One line controlling the mainsheet from each side of the yacht.  9 blocks total and one long line. 
Thoughts appreciated.  CaptCG


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Dale Tanski

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The description of the German Mainsheet System should not be confused with the system itself.  The description may sound complicated but the system itself IS pure KISS.  No traveller, bearings, traveller car (and controls), or involved installation, and much less expensive.  The load is better distributed than with a traveller, and the mainsheet can be controlled from both sides of the cockpit.  I wish I had pictures, but if the Hanse Yacht or Jenneteau websites are viewed you will see this system on some of the yachts.  Comments, thoughts appreciated.  Thanks,
Capt CG


This Harken Traveler came off an Erricson 32. The guy was throwing it out so other than a $20 bag of Harken balls, it cost me zero$. The installation could not have been simpler. It was as if the Pearson was designed to accept this as an upgrade.

Here's a picture of the bits of angle aluminum I added to the existing Pearson support bracket for the starboard mounting plate. The port standoff is a block of cherry with thru bolts. This completes the 3 point attachment.

I kept the existing double block on the boom and added a bail forward of that with a single/becket for a 6:1 cruising style mainsheet that runs down the mast and aft to the cockpit.

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